15 minutes by car from the station.
Located in the famous hot spring village.
The house has an exclusive hot spring water source.
The traditional Japanese courtyard in the warring States style,
Count the room in the style of the mailing house,
Continuation of the usual martial arts service.
VR game, PS4, antique arcade
also makes people forget to eat and sleep.
The natural environment is deep and quiet.
Nearby Springs Old Shop for more guests.
There are also forest cafes and local restaurants recommended by several magazines and specialized books.
Experience Activities
30,000 JPY 1 person
Pure Japanese ancient wrought iron,
using traditional wrought iron tools
1 day experience to forge creative little things
also have real Japanese sword(KATANA) experience
(please consult before)
3,000 JPY MAX 30 shots
Use traditional Japanese and bows to experience ancient archery.
(Use safe arrows, shooting target is grass)
5,000 JPY 1 person
Experience the feeling of ancient battlefield
with real Japanese ancient armor
and real Japanese sword
3,000 JPY MAX 3 roll
Use a real KATANA for a trial cutting experience,
Experience the sharp taste of KATANA
(legal sword with login certificate)
Reservation: l Address and transport:Iwakura  Hot Spring Village Ome-City Tokyo

Free parking